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The Beattie Passive continuously insulated thermal envelope was used in two ways. Firstly, to construct two separate extensions: a 57m² two-storey structure housing a kitchen/dining room on the ground floor and a master bedroom suite on the first floor, and separately over the garage, a bedroom of 28m² would sit on a steel sub-frame erected through the existing garage. Secondly, the envelope would completely ‘tea cosy’ the entire existing 1970’s three-bedroomed house of 120m².

The original house was built circa 1972 of brick and block construction with a truss roof. The walls had a 75mm cavity with no insulation, the roof was insulated between the ceiling trusses with 100mm mineral wool, and the ground floor was a vented suspended timber without insulation. Thermal imaging, smoke testing and air testing were carried out to provide a benchmark upon which to base improvements in airtightness and thermal performance when the project was completed.

The heating was previously via a gas boiler which fed hot air into a space heating system and hot water via a cylinder. Estimated CO² emissions from the house were previously 3,863 kg per annum.

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» Pre-Beattie Passive Air Permeability Certificate
» Existing and proposed house U-Values
» Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery plans

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