Beattie Passive Project
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Retrofit for Social Housing - Solihull, Birmingham

The project partners are:

  • Beattie Passive - inventors of the patented TCosy™ Retrofit build system
  • Encraft: energy consultants and Passivhaus designers, who are the TSB lead partner
  • Coventry University: for tenant involvement and assessment
  • Solihull Community Housing: a subsidiary of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, who own the block of 6 flats to be retrofitted

Beattie Passive is actively involved with a project for Social Housing in the Midlands using its innovative Retrofit solution TCosy™ which provides a fast, low cost and highly replicable solution for a wide range of buildings. The TCosy™ dramatically reduces energy requirements, creates a healthier living environment and can be delivered whilst residents remain in their home.

The project has a three stage approach:

  • Analysis of tenant energy usage pre-retrofit
  • Retrofit of apartments block containing 6 flats
  • Analysis of tenant energy usage post-retrofit

Project Benefits:

  • The project will deliver CO2 savings, typically in the range 2-4t CO2 per year per dwelling. On realistic assumptions of rapid scale up to 1000-5000 properties a year, will contribute up to 20,000t CO2 savings a year to the national effort to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • There was minimal disruption to residents as they remained in their homes for the duration of the retrofit process.
  • Energy bills will be dramatically reduced (anticipated 84% reduction from £1,064 per flat to £166) and residents will also benefit from an enhanced and healthier living environment.
  • The approach provided training and labour opportunities which is hoped to have a positive impact on social inclusion and long-term economic benefits for local communities. The Jericho Foundation manufactured the TCosy structure.
  • The project developed models for best practice in tenant and community engagement, ongoing liaison and feedback loops which ensure energy use is optimised but also ensures tenants and communities are happy with the outcomes of the project.

Technical Specification:

Wall U value: 0.099 W/m2k

Roof U value: 0.1 W/m2k

Perimeter Floor U value: 0.43 W/m2k

Air Tightness: 0.93 3/hm2@50pa


Feedback from tenants (December 2016)

“We are very pleased with the work that has been done. We have noticed that there are no draughts around the windows anymore and our whole flat feels much warmer. We certainly don’t put our heating on as often as we did before the work was done. The MVHR system has made a real difference to the quality of the air, especially the boost button which gets rid of stale air ever so quickly, especially after smoking.” – Mr & Mrs Dooley

"It has made an incredible difference. I have only had to switch my heating on twice so far since the work was completed a few months ago. Even today (29/11/16) which is really cold (less than 5C) I haven’t had to put the heating on. I budget for my energy costs and usually put £10 credit on each time. This is now lasting a lot longer than it was before we had the work done and I am even building up credit on my account." – Miss Freeman

“We’ve enjoyed working with Beattie Passive on the Retrofit project at Grandys Croft in Solihull and seen with great interest the impressive transformation of these six flats. Throughout the project Beattie Passive’s Site Manager Steve was on site to liaise with the residents who were able to remain in their homes for the duration of the construction process.

His presence as a supportive and familiar point of contact throughout the project was really appreciated by our residents and was an important feature of the way Beattie Passive managed this project. We are looking forward to the feedback from our tenants and seeing the impact their new super insulated homes have. This type of project is central to our commitment of providing improved thermal and energy performance for the homes in our community.”

Mark Pinnell (Head of Asset Management) at Solihull Community Housing

Ron Beattie and Mark Pinnell at Gandys Croft
jerico Foundation

The Jericho Foundation are a social enterprise that work with people who experience significant personal or occupational barriers to employment, training or social inclusion. Their aim is to provide these people with the skills and experience they need through a range of social enterprises. Jericho Construction are working with Beattie Passive to manufacture the timber frame for the Solihull Retrofit project, developing the skills and knowledge of the trainees.

“What every retrofit project needs is a low risk, whole building approach, capable of delivering superior thermal protection and air tightness, as well as fit for purpose heat recovery ventilation. Beattie Passive’s TCosy™ does all of this and more.”

Helen Brown: Head of Building Physics, Encraft Architects

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