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The Beattie Passive system achieves superior levels of energy efficiency compared with both traditional and existing modern methods of construction.

On completion, each house will be independently tested for air tightness and sound migration, and will be thermally imaged. Upon reaching the required Passivhaus standard, each house will be certified by the Encraft and BRE.

Click on the links below to view the following documents:
» Tender Cost Sheet
» Architects plans for 47 & 49 John Rous Avenue
» Design stage approval
» Missions and Objectives
» Programme of Works
» Design Stage Report, SAP & EPC Report - Plot 1
» Design Stage Report, SAP & EPC Report - Plot 2
» Heat Loss Calculations

Technical Specification for:
» Code 6 House
» PassivHaus

Code for Sustainable Homes Checklists:
» Inclusive Design Principles – WAS 1, WAS 3 and HEA 3
» Home User Guide
» Considerate Constructors
» Construction Site Impacts
» GWP of Insulants
» Minimising Construction Waste
» Land of Low Ecological Value

"The Beattie Passive System appears to offer the chance to construct extremely energy efficient dwellings to Passivhaus standard and above at an affordable cost, and my involvement in the demonstration project at John Rous Avenue in Coventry with Orbit Group and FORCE will enable me to learn and understand how this can be done and eventually enlighten other affordable housing groups. Anyone who can break the mould and deliver homes which are both cheap to run and construct deserves our undivided attention."
Alan Leary, Director | Walker Cotter | Tetra Group

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The UK’s first certified Passivhaus build system. Visit to find out more.


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