Beattie Passive Project
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High Quality Product Performance

The Beattie Passive system achieves superior levels of energy efficiency compared with both traditional and existing modern methods of construction.

In order to achieve passivhaus standards the Beattie Passive system delivers simplicity of its approach; building homes that have excellent thermal performance, exceptional airtightness with mechanical ventilation.

The thermal envelope also benefits from enhanced fire and acoustic performance because of the choice of materials, and the way in which the materials are put together.

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Testing and Certification
Typically testing and commissioning of new homes is limited to compliance with the Building Regulations 2010 and a CML approved 10 year building warranty. The Beattie Passive system not only complies with the above but exceeds current testing and commissioning conducted in the industry.  All dwellings using the Beattie Passive Norse system are individually tested and commissioned so the client has comfort that all dwellings are designed to exceptionally high standards.

Site Details

Click the plans below to see the 'Elevations' and 'Planning Layouts' for the four houses on the site.

Planning layouts for

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The Beattie Passive system achieves superior levels of energy efficiency.

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Communities Minister Eric Pickles recently visited the Caister development and met with the key personnel behind this innovative project.

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The UK’s first certified Passivhaus build system. Visit to find out more.


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