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Youth Employment on Fife Project

Given the underlying simplicity of the Beattie Passive Build System, our designs can be transformed into high performance, low-cost homes using semi-skilled labour.

This opens up a number of exciting community project opportunities allowing local youths and unemployed people to retrain and benefit, both financially and socially, from a return to work.

Wherever possible, Beattie Passive actively engages with local communities and works together with a number of Colleges and Higher Education establishments to seek out work placements.

Working with the Skills Development Centre
Ron Beattie, Managing Director of Beattie Passive is working closely with Lucinda McAllister from the Skills Development Centre in Fife to improve the skills and employability of young people and adults in the local community. The scheme aims to introduce them to the renewable build sector and equip them with the necessary skills to gain long term employment as this market sector grows in the future.

Two young people currently work full time on the project which also involves up to ten others on an ad hoc basis.The full time workers are overseen by Beattie Passive and the Skills Development Workers to ensure they receive practical training with a view to grow and widen their skill set. Each participant begins with making the individual build components in the Renewable Skills Centre, and subsequently follows the build process through to completion by assembling those components on site.

“Our key objectives are to bring people back into employment and equip them with the skills to future-proof against changes in construction methods. Through this scheme, our participants have the potential to benefit from long term employment and ultimately, become the house builders of the future.”

Lucinda McAllister, Skills Development Centre

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Link to project webcam

View the building of 4 x three bedroom homes for Fife Housing Association. Watch the 8 month build here.

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To highlight how cost efficient this method of construction really is, we have included our complete work costs.

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Beattie Passive actively engages with Colleges and Higher Education establishments to seek out work placements.

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You can view our complete project schedule and see what happens when.

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