Beattie Passive Project
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Probuild Ltd.

flying factory partnership with Probuild


Client: Probuild Ltd.

Based in Hertfordshire, Probuild have an interest in providing specialist expertise in sustainable buildings, renewables and improving energy efficiency. As such, the Probuild team attended the Flying Factory training and have since set up their own Flying Factory in Hertfordshire to build their own Beattie Passive homes


Location: Baldock, Hertfordshire

Project description: 2 detached, three-bedroom homes, built to Passivhaus standard with a more traditional aesthetic.

Probuild - Baldock, Hertfordshire


Location: Aston, Hertfordshire

Project description: Contemporary bungalow built as an annexe for existing property, to be built as a zero-Carbon dwelling.

Probuild - Aston, Hertfordshire

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The UK’s first certified Passivhaus build system. Visit to find out more.


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