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Great Yarmouth Developments

Beattie Passive and the Norse Group have come together on these projects to bring energy busting technology within the reach of everyone from local authorities and housing associations to self-builders and private developers.

The team behind the Beattie Passive build system have over 30 years of experience in design and construction. Meanwhile the Norse Group specialises in building and managing schools across the country and also has extensive experience in delivering Healthcare and Local Authority housing through its offices UK wide.

This project will be Great Yarmouth’s first new council homes for 20 years, which are also designed to cut tenants’ carbon emissions and energy bills, and it is hoped to mark the start of further council house-building in the borough.

Client: Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Brief: To build 12 much needed homes as in-fill developments across three sites on existing borough council housing estates. The scheme has been made possible due to a change in the council house funding system in 2012.


  • Caister 3 x two bedroom houses (each 76m2) Passivhaus certified; 2 x one bedroom bungalows (each 62m2)
  • Martham 5 x one bedroom bungalows (each 51m2)
  • Bradwell 2 x two bedroom houses (each 76m2) Passivhaus certified

Certification: 4 Houses will be certified to passivhaus standard by the Passivhaus institute.

Cost: The homes will be the same cost as a traditional build.

Project Scope: Developing sustainable communities. The Beattie Passive construction method uses semi-skilled labour, opening up a number of exciting opportunities benefiting the local community. With this project, students from Great Yarmouth College will be involved in the manufacture and onsite production, enabling them to develop their skills and expertise in the industry.

Client Verdict: “These homes, built to an exciting innovative design, will be models in the region for the council homes of the future, reducing tenants’ carbon emissions and energy bills through reduced heat-loss.”
Cllr Penny Linden, Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Project Breakdown:

Benefits delivered:

Social benefits

  • Up-skilled construction students from Great Yarmouth College to manufacture and build the houses.
  • Local suppliers and businesses were intrinsically involved with the local building programme. 80% of contractors were local (within Norfolk and Suffolk) and small to medium enterprises (SMEs). The majority of materials, apart from a few specialist items, were supplied from local merchants.

Economic benefits

  • Over £4 million economic benefit as result of the multiplier effect from the 12 Beattie Passive houses: Construction work is especially good for generating local jobs and local economic activity. According to Shelter every £1 spent on construction generates £3.51 of total economic activity (CBI: £1: £2.84). Assuming 90% of £1 of construction was spent locally, this results in an economic benefit of £4,135,530 from these Beattie Passive projects
  • Energy bill reduction: Due to the high performance of the Beattie Passive buildings the tenants have also benefited positively with a significant reduction in their energy bills (by as much as 90%)

Environmental benefits

  • Beattie Passive developments deliver up to a 100% reduction in carbon emissions
  • Limited site waste due to 3D modelling and a detailed cutting list of materials

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The Beattie Passive system achieves superior levels of energy efficiency.

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