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With the UK suffering from tough economic times and a dramatic decline in the construction industry, much of the country is facing a shortage of good quality, energy-efficient homes for both social and private homeowners.

Using traditional and readily available construction materials, Beattie Passive's innovative patented construction method exceeds existing Passivhaus standards by creating a super-insulated continuous void around the floor, walls and roof. Unlike traditional methods of construction, Beattie Passive eliminates the gaps which occur at joints between floor, walls and roof, creating a high-quality home which requires 90% less heating than a traditional construction.

Beattie Passive makes a real difference to peoples' lives and their pockets by delivering a comfortable, energy-efficient living environment, and by lifting them out of fuel poverty.

Real Projects in Real Time with Real Benefits

To demonstrate the benefits of the Beattie Passive Build System, we have created our very own 'Beattie Passive Projects' website. From here, you will be able to view a selection of our current projects across the country in real time, with real costs, and real images. And no hidden extras.

Each project covers:

  • Background to requirement
  • Build proposal from Beattie Passive
  • Technical information

Cost Case Studies

To highlight the cost effective nature of the Beattie Passive Build System, we have two full cost case studies to view, which cover: build and material costs, floorplans, elevations, design and build specifications, programme of works and cost analysis.

To find out more on the time, cost and environmental benefits of the Beattie Passive Build System, contact us via email, telephone +44 (0)8456 449 003 or visit



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