Coventry ECO Project

Economic conditions and a dramatic slowdown in the construction industry have led to a shortage of good-quality, energy-efficient social housing in recent years.

Much of the existing social housing stock suffers from minimal or no insulation, and combined with spiralling energy costs, hefty fuel bills often impact hardest on people who can least afford it.

Orbit FORCE Project Brief: To pursue the project vision for Coventry and Warwickshire by comprehensively assessing the effects of building to the UK Code Level 6 and German Passivhaus standards for sustainable construction, by designing and constructing a pair of detached houses, each built to one of the standards. [Force – Forum for Construction Excellence for Coventry and Warwickshire]

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Location: John Rous Avenue, Coventry

Build Requirement: 2 x three bedroom homes – 86m2 each

Build Proposal:Beattie Passive to design and build two 3 bedroom detached homes to meet the needs of the local community. Using traditional and readily available construction materials Beattie Passive's innovative and unique construction method will deliver one Passive House and one Code 6 which will also be a Passive house *. This is achieved by creating a super-insulated and continuous void around the floor, walls and roof offering numerous environmental and cost savings.

Each house will be certified to Passivhaus standard and one will reach Code 6 being Zero Carbon to the Government's Code of Sustainable Homes.

*The term Passivhaus originated in Germany and refers a construction technique for highly energy-efficient buildings that require little or no energy for heating or cooling.

Client's Verdict: "The FORCE project in Coventry is an innovative and exciting project and as the client we want to ensure the highest possible energy efficiency standard using the Passivhaus principles. We are confident that the Beattie Passive Build System is the right one for the project and will enable us to set a precedent for how Passivhaus technologies are used within Orbit and the sector as a whole."
George Obeng-Manu, Head of Construction for Orbit Homes

Project Breakdown:

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The Beattie Passive system achieves superior levels of energy efficiency.

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"We are delighted to have been involved with this exemplar project since design inception, and to have shared the design journey with FORCE. The challenges and opportunities in developing the local design and construction supply chain has been of great interest, and has stimulated critical thought, capacity and interest in environmental design, planning and construction.

We are pleased that the designs are now being realised with Beattie Passive, and look forward to making the most of the remaining opportunities for the local industry to develop their skill sets, experiences and knowledge, in how to construct zero carbon homes for the future. "

Dhiran Vagdia, Vagdia Homes
Nigel Robinson, FORCE Chairman
Craig Callingham, Architect, Callingham Associates